Nominate a Child

What is a Joy?

A Joy is a special chance for a chronically ill children to come to experience joy and purpose, despite the daily battles they face. We work with each child to discover a lesson or activity the child can do despite their illness. Our foundation covers the costs of lessons and any needed supplies. We understand that having a child with a chronic illness can be costly for parents, so we work with the family to help them with their basic needs such as clothing, groceries, utility bills, medical bills, etc. Each child will be granted a party with our team, and some close family and friends to celebrate their strength. They will also receive a customized basket full of fun and needed items, monthly encouraging cards, birthday cards, and ongoing support.

We want to be a part of your journey to joy! Apply today!

Who should apply?

Children and teens, between the ages of 3-18, whose chronic illness affects their everyday life should apply for a Joy. Nominate yourself or a child/teen that you feel desires a Joy.