Life Is Better When You’re Swimming

“Maverick was diagnosed with Legg Calvé Perthes Disease in May 2019, a few days after his 7th birthday. Because of the loss of blood flow to his hip, the head of his femur has started to deteriorate. He has to be completely non-weight bearing to avoid total bone collapse. He needs crutches and a wheelchair to get around. Maverick underwent surgery in September to remodel his hip and put pins in to better hold the femur as it decays. It is our hope he won’t have to endure too many more surgeries! Previously Maverick was an extremely active kid who loved playing ball of any kind, and loved doing jumps and flips on trampolines. Knowing he won’t be able to participate in those activities has been hard, but he’s kept a very positive attitude! He can swim, go fishing, and found that rowing a canoe is a new favorite activity! We appreciate the love and service shown to us by Neeley’s Chronic Joy Foundation!” -Layne (Maverick’s mom)

A few months ago we were able to send Maverick a care package while he was in the hospital getting surgery. We were finally able to meet him! When we arrived we found out it was the first day Maverick finally had permission to walk a little bit and we were so happy for him! I know firsthand how exciting it is to be able to walk again. We were then able to give Maverick swimming lessons that would bring him both joy and much needed physical therapy. My favorite part of running this foundation is seeing the strength of these young kids who have gone through so much! Maverick sure is one of them.

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